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Kantipur Campus has been eastablished in 2048 B.S. with the affiliation of Tribhuvan University at Thali, Danchhi V.D.C.( Kageshwori Manohara Municpiliti ward no.5 ) of Kathmandu by the collective effort of community and general public of Eastern part of Kathmandu. The Campus is public owned community based co-educational institution runby community. It lies 11 Km far from mid town of Kathmandu. The Campus has been running its academic programs and administration in our own building. It  consists of two faculities viz; Humanities and Management in Proficiency Certificate Level from its initial academic phase i.e. 2048 B.S. Campus got the affiliation of Higher Secondary Education Board, Sanothimi in 2057 B.S. in +2 i.e. Humanities and Management. The studies of Bachelor Level (B.A., B.B.S.) was upgraded in 2056 B.S.

There is the great potentiality of students in higher studies from 40 Secondary School of 4 municipality approximately, 1,25,000 people of eastern Kathmandu and northern Bhaktapur has been benefited directly or indirectly from this Campus. Among them, if only 20% students of coverage area are enrolled, then it would be 2018 in number. But Campus can't hold even 300 students now to the limited space, lack of own building insufficient infrastructures and resources. but still campus is serving the rural students with out leaving any stones unturned in teaching/ learning process despites the varioys limitations. Kantipur Campus was the pioneer institution to open the door of higher studies fro the rural community and its contribution is praise worthy in shaping the future of students and enrolling rural students in Higher Education.

Apart from its, the scholarship scheme has been launched to the women lagging disadvantaged group and outstanding students who deserve so.

The Campus has to be shifted immediately in its own land to meet the demand of the great flow of students from rural community. Besides this, as the campus has been running classes in the morning shift only, it can't hold the flow of students. The Campus administrations wings are confined in narrow space due to the lack of own building and infrastructures. So it is most essential to promote the institution and for that is most urgent to shift the campus in its ownland provided by the government. In 2051 B.S. Government of Nepal has provided the land of Appros 38 Ropanies along the Ktm- Sankhu Highway as the construction site for the Campus Building

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